The Role Of Legalizing Marijuana In The United States

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There are many things happening in the world today. More importantly, there are many things happening in the United States. There are debates and discussions going on twenty-four hours a day on how to make the United States of America a bigger, and better country. With many topics being thrown around in local, state, and national political offices, these topics can change very fast. One topic, however, has remained steady in these discussions. This subject is if the drug, Marijuana, should be legalized or stay in its current state. Legalizing marijuana would benefit the country with more tax revenue, it can be used in many medical circumstances, and create thousands of new jobs.
The talk of the amount of tax revenue Marijuana would bring in
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According to International Narcotics Control Board, around one thousand tons of marijuana is seized by the United States at the US/Mexico border each year. The same study states that the United States black market value is worth around $41 billion. Just imagine the amount of money the United States could be making by taking this substance and selling it to make tax revenue. Another directly related study by Harvard University economist Jeffrey Miron, states that the estimated total amount that marijuana prohibition costs state and federal governments every year is $17.4 billion. That amount of money could be put into something else if Marijuana would be legalized.
Another area legalizing Marijuana would benefit the economy would be freeing up the jail spaces. In a forty state survey held by the Vera Institute of Justice, the total cost of each jail inmate in these states cost the taxpayers $31,286. The amount of people incarcerated in the United States for non-violent Marijuana possession charges is 693,482 according to If Marijuana was made legal and these offenders were let free, according to these statistics, $21.7 billion would be saved each
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A big question about Marijuana is that if it safe to use for medicinal purposes. It is ironic, however, that according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon that has spent years testing and researching the properties of Marijuana, only 6% of studies done on Marijuana analyze its medicinal properties. This is why there is a lot of confusion and a grey area in the science realm of Marijuana. There are numerous facts and stories about how Marijuana can be a good medicinal substance though. The most important thing to understand when it comes to the properties of Marijuana itself, is there are two components in the substance: TCH and CBD. THC, standing for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the part of the substance that is responsible for pain relief and the "high". CBD, standing for cannabidiol, is responsible for the other health benefits without the

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