The Position Of Assistant Manager At Panera Essay

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Candidate Description

Of the six resumes received, Panera chose to interview Clarissa and Lance because of their previous retail experience and customer service experience. For the position of Assistant Manager at Panera, there are many essential tasks necessary to carry out the day-to-day functions. Panera is looking for a candidate who has had previous retail or restaurant experience, preferably in a management position. Some skill requirements include: customer service, strong communication, high standards, organization, and acute attention to detail. The ability to speak both English and Spanish is also a plus. To be considered for this position, the candidate must display the ability to attract customers by coming up with ideas that help promote sales, possibly by up selling add-ons or including complementary products. He or she must have previous experience to assure excellent customer service by handling all questions, complaints, and ensuring tactful handling of orders. On a daily level, the candidate must maintain inventory levels, complete paperwork, and provide quality service by creating and enforcing quality standards. The resume should show previous experience of organization that proves he or she could keep track of all inventory and provide accurate and thorough paperwork. Previous experience of opening or closing a store is a plus. Preferably, the candidate has had experience overseeing other employees, and possibly training them and/or conducting…

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