The Portrayal Analysis Of Old Spice And Old Spice

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Commercial advertising is a key element to success in business. It enables a business to directly speak to their targeted audience about the product, which in turn builds a consumer base and relationship. They are a form of attraction and aim to draw the consumer towards purchasing the aforementioned product or service. As simple as this concept may seem, the tactics and tricks used are intricately chosen. Many businesses try to trigger the customer’s dreams, desire and fears in an effort of accomplishing their task, although some do it more effectively than others. Old Spice and Axe blatantly show that they are aiming for people of the male gender; they both also show a romantic aspect throughout.
Old Spice, known to produce men’s hygiene
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Before they used sex appeal to get the females to make their boyfriends/husbands to purchase their product, but now this commercial seems to be appealing to fathers and young adolescent boys. Throughout the commercial the audience witness many situations that they may have experienced at least once or could possibly still be experiencing. The fathers in the commercial push for the continued growth of their son, however the mothers want their “little boy” back. I feel that they purposefully did this in attempts to get the fathers to believe that Old Spice can be the push that their sons need to become a man and grow up. There was a scene in which the father was destroying his son’s former toys, while the mother did everything to save them. In another scene which showed the son on a date, the mother was in the fish tank holding tightly to a toy that was presumably the son’s. The mother held on to the toy almost in desperation. Toys is a tactic that was used to symbolize childhood and childlike institutions. The difference in the thought process of the father and mother is exemplified in the movie theater scene; it shows how completely distraught the mother looks in comparison to the euphoria shown on the father’s face. It is a very strategic move and it is one

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