The Piercing Tone Of The Orthopedic Trauma Pager Essay example

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The piercing tone of the orthopedic trauma pager seizes the attention of the room. There is a man in critical care 4 with a threatened limb. As we reviewed the patient’s history, an overwhelming sensation flooded my senses. The patient was Dave, the father of my best friend DJ. Tirelessly I worked, ensuring that Dave received the most optimal care I could provide. When DJ and his sisters arrived, I immediately sought them out to comfort, console, and inform. It’s not easy telling someone that their loved one has had a severe accident, with a high risk of limb amputation. When it involves people you already love, it weighs even more on your heart. Nevertheless, Dave and his family needed help, and my work became imperative. This moment marked the point in my healthcare career where I found the ability to form a tangible connection with family members, and implicit trust. I found this moment profound in that it both empowered me as I now knew how I would deal in such a situation, but, it also humbled me as I realized how much more I could be doing if only I pursued more education.
Work hard at whatever you do. This is my defining motto. Whether it is changing a carburetor or synthesizing Grignard reagents, my best effort will always be put forth. Earlier in my life, it was unclear on where best to apply myself. Naturally, I knew I wanted to fix what was broken. This led me down the automotive path. Working at a garage, I learned to think diagnostically and became…

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