The Personal Beliefs Of The Mccoy 's Building Supply Centers Essay

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McCoy’s Building Supply Centers is one of the nation’s largest family owned and managed building supply companies, which serves 10 million customers a year in small and medium-sized cities. This company acquires and sells the finest-quality products by providing quality services to customers. Furthermore, McCoy has a strong religious belief with a commitment to their employees and local communities. The executives believe in putting their feet into action, not just talk. Likewise, Chick-fil-a, a fast food chain, is also a leader displaying their values. With inexpensive franchise fees and respect for their employees and customers, this restaurant franchise puts people before making a buck. Both of these companies exhibit a six day work week with Sundays always being closed as well as other organization cultures.

The personal beliefs of the McCoy and Cathy families influenced the organization cultures of their firms by a system of shared expectations, values, and beliefs which strongly influence the employees’ performances. These companies do not let their employees perceive iniquity, a sense of being under or over-rewarded in comparison to others. They show fair and equal practices. For example, they let all of their employees to rest on the Sabbath day for their hard work. Furthermore, they give back to their communities in which they serve, giving their customer base a sense of pride in purchasing their products.
McCoy focuses their attention on customer service issues…

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