The Performance At The Riverside Art Museum Last Night Essay

1100 Words Jun 4th, 2016 null Page
Through out this quarter, I have learned many things from this Advanced Modern Dance class. We have accomplished the final performance at the Riverside Art Museum last night. Performing with this class was a wonderful experience. Most of us did not know what to expect and how this performance will be since many of us are not dance major, and it could be the first time to perform in front of audiences for some of us. As for me, this is not my first time to perform in front of people. However, I still got a little bit nervous. I have never performed this kind of dance before. The dance I have performed before are well organized, and well structured with specific movement. However, this work we performed are spontaneous. It is not planned or arranged like the other kinds of dance I have learned. We learned all the materials through this quarter. For this performance, Crystal just told us the order of the performance, and the rest we need to figure them out by ourselves.
Before the performance, we had 2 hours to practice. I was very worried because I 'm too concerned about the time. Crystal told us that the performance will last for 45 minutes, but I feel like from what we were doing will not last for that long. During this 2 hours, we made some changes and adding to the dance. Crystal said to us: "this performance is just another practice for us." There is no need to be nervous because it is just another practice.
A few minutes before the performance, all of us gathered in a…

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