The Path Of My Young Life Essays

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The path in my young life takes many turns. Moving from Shanghai to Toronto several times in my childhood years and finally anchored in Vancouver for high school, I have been overwhelmed by changing environments that cost me friendship, but have gained maturity and adaptability from experiencing completely different cultures. Between the ages of five to eight, I struggled with being the new kid every year. I courageously overcame the awkwardness and maintained my sense of place with every new move. The diversity and cross-culture experience has strengthened my will power and instilled an open-mindedness and confidence in me. I have learned to communicate with people from different background and beliefs. Seeing different things and meeting people have also imbued in me a maturity that peers of my age lack. The challenge of moving around so many times in my life has become a blessing in hindsight. I have grown to be a dependable self-starter, one who is able to find resources and solutions and one marked with keen observation and an easy-going personality that makes me popular and well-liked. Instead of being the “new kid”, I have now become a thoughtful, confident and flexible and mature individual.
The summer I graduated from high school, I joined a program called Junior Achievement Company. It has offered me an invaluable leadership opportunity where I learned how to be a good teammate and leader. I was selected to lead a small group of production team from selected…

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