College Admissions Essay: Going To College

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I am no stranger to the struggles that my family has faced to give me the opportunities I have now. Growing up working hard was something of a second nature to me; there was no goal in mind but trying my best. I now see how my diligent work can be paid off and I am willing to put in my all if it means a brighter future. College will not only give me the chance to prove to myself that no obstacle in life is unconquerable but to also provide a secure future for me and my family. As the oldest child, I am the one that paves a path for my sibling. Given the chance, I will be able to show them that no dream is out of reach. Going to college will give me the opportunity to get a high paying job and with that open the doors for me to see the world. Traveling and experiencing new places has always been a dream of mine. College is the first step to a future that I make and use to help those who were not given the chance to help themselves. …show more content…
For two whole weeks, and a high school credit, I was to be apart from my family and with complete strangers discovering the vast beauty of Colorado. A geological adventure that seemed irresistible. Unfortunately, I was the only student in my school to participate in this program. I was thus forced to make friends and upon doing so I had the best educational time of my life. I found that I loved nature and all that it entails and that outside of my compact city was a whole other world to be discovered. I learned to be apart from my parents and become independent. The process of making new friends now longer seemed frightening and the thought of new experiences (like high school) inviting. I was no longer a child but an adolescent ready to face whatever life through my

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