The Old Statement : The Realities Of Our Career Choices Essay

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The old statement holds true to the realities of our career choices. When I look at my family tree, I can see through the genogram the roots in which many messages that I have received growing up stem from. I can also make that statement that it is true indeed that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. It is very typical for individuals to follow their families own career choices. Not only is what our parents career choices were familiar to us, but they are what seem attainable to many of us. Due to the messages that we receive from our families and modeling, we typically enjoy staying within our comfort zones. If our parents teach us and train us to take after the family business when we are older, then we grow up preparing ourselves to take over the family business. If we otherwise are challenged to reach for the stars and follow our dreams to become presidents, CEO’s, doctors, and lawyers, we may always strive for the best outcome in all that we do and choose to attain careers that may be outside of our comfort zones. This essay will focus on a discussion of trends within clergy families, blacks and education, a reflection of my own genogram, as well as counseling interventions that I would use to assist my younger cousin who is in the college application process as a senior in high school. Family’s impact career decision making for many individuals and this is why assessing family influence through a genogram is helpful to career counselors. A very common way for…

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