The Nurse Leader 's Leadership Style Essay

1455 Words Nov 30th, 2014 6 Pages
Leadership and management are two concepts that became very important to nursing politics and are frequently perceived to be synonymous. However, there are differences in the meaning of leadership and management and these terms will be analyzed. In order to give a practical example of leadership and management, I spent a day with a nurse leader on the mother and baby unit of the delivery department. Through the observations of my clinical experience, I will describe the nurse leader’s leadership style. Furthermore, by interviewing the nurse leader and discussing the instances of collaboration, the importance of collaboration in interdisciplinary practice will be highlighted.
It was my pleasure to meet and observe Mrs. D, a lactation consultant for the mother and baby unit of the delivery department, for this assignment. Mrs. D. has many years of experience in nursing and is responsible for creating a patient plan of care. Mrs. D’s primary area of responsibility is patient education in lactation. Her day as a lactation consultant starts with reviewing the patient’s chart on the computer so she may determine what teaching techniques would work best with the patient. Some patients may need an interpreter and hierarchy may need to be taken into consideration when trying to encourage breastfeeding. According to Mrs. D., in Indian and African American families, success with breastfeeding is improved if the elders approve of it first and education on breastfeeding is…

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