The Nature And Origin Of Trauma Essay

1334 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
To suggest that an author or poet is concerned with writing a healing narrative undeniably implies that there is an impactful trauma that must be overcome and addressed through the narrative. The nature and origin of trauma is often complicated, multi-layered, and obscured. If a person understood the exact source of the pain and suffering that resulted from trauma, a level of acceptance could be reached, but it is existing within the confusion and ambiguity of brokenness that hinders healing. Paradoxically, trauma is just as often self-induced as it is originating from an outside event. That is to say that what starts as trauma from an outside event can only continue to exist internally if we either fail to deal with the distressing emotions or turn to poor coping mechanisms as a solution for numbing the suffering. One of the most common solutions for dealing with trauma is the use of drugs and alcohol. Alcohol, specifically, is readily available, oftentimes inexpensive, legal, and perhaps most importantly, a highly effective means of avoiding reality. One population that fully understands the nature of a trauma that originates from an outside source and then is directed inward through the abuse of alcohol is the Native American population. Centuries of EuroAmericans literally and figuratively raping their people and culture, forcing assimilation, as well as degradation coupled with extreme oppression, inflicted deep wounds on indigenous peoples as they try to cope with a…

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