Vipul Patel Case Study

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The aim of this assignment is to produce three care plans into person centred care approach, based on Vipul Patel case study, after he has been admitted to Coronary Care Unit (CCU), pre-operation.
After the assessment has been undertaken by the multi-disciplinary team, the nurse on charge with Mr. Patel and his family, the following three care plans will be implemented: Imbalanced Nutrition, Acute Pain and Anxiety. The care plans will be updated as needed and evaluated monthly, to monitor closely Mr. Patel’s health improvement process.
Finally, recommendation regarding health promotion will be given in order to guide Mr. Patel and his family to an healthy lifestyle.

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The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) defines the
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Vipul Patel is a 43 year old gentleman, his weight 135.8 kg, height is 177.5 cm and his Body Mass Index (BMI) is 43.1.
According to the BMI Assessment tool (NHS, 2015), Mr. Patel is classified as being obese. Furthermore, Mr. Patel’s cholesterol level is 249mg/dl which is high (Health, 2016, p. 6).
In addition, Mr. Patel “is a social drinker and do not exercise regularly as he works late and he tends watching television while he eats takeaway or ready meal when he gets home.”

“Person-centred care approach can have a significant impact for patients who are overweight or obese” (Wakefield,2017,pp. 31-35). Therefore, Involving Mr. Patel in the decision- making process for his plan of care, will enhance his satisfaction and will motivate him to get more involved into the process of losing weight.

Mr.Patel is informed by the nurse on charge on CCU, of the consequences of being overweight and having high cholesterol level, affects his health (NHS, 2015).

The nurse on charge, after communicating with dietitian, Mr. Patel and his family regarding his holistic needs and concerns, will discuss with Mr. Patel the plan of care he need, such as following a diet based on low saturates, in order to lose
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Patel every 30 minutes for the next 2 hours increasing the observations dependent on results.
• Mr. Patel will to have his medication as prescribed by doctor
• Mr. Patel will be informed about any possible side-effects of his medication. (see appendix) By checking the vital signs, the nurse will detect and act to early signs of deterioration, to increase the patient’s safety (Nurs, 2016). The doctor will be called to review Mr. Patel’s as per nurse’s concerns.

To control the patients’ health state and inform them of any adverse reactions so necessary action to be taken.
• To record accurate in Nutrition and Fluid chart of Mr. Patel and reassure him regarding his progress of losing weight. By keeping a clear, accurate record of patient, the inter-professionals promote an effective communication (NMC, 2015, p.7).
• Mr. Patel will have daily fresh water, within his reach; encourage Mr. Patel to drink 2l-2.5l of water.
• Mr. Patel will have a multi-choice menu with healthy diet as decided with dietitian. The human body functions properly only if have enough nutrients from a good fluid intake and a healthy diet based on carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein (skills for health, 2015,

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