Essay on The Most Memorable Experience Of My Life

833 Words Feb 5th, 2016 4 Pages
During my time at UCBA I unfortunately have not been very involved. I work two jobs while in school and I’ve had my priorities else where, but I am planning to change this during the next semester in the fall. I still have had many wonderful experiences thus far in my classes at UCBA. My professors and peers have pushed me a great deal, and I have continually been able to improve my academic habits for the better. The most memorable experience I have had so far was in my Introduction to Education class. During this class each student was required to obtain a minimum of ten observation hours within a classroom, where we simply observed the teacher. When this was completed we were required to complete a report on this experience within our final portfolio. This is an experience I truly believe I couldn’t have gotten during my first semester in college anywhere else I thought of going. It seems like a simplistic assignment, not necessarily one I’d gain so much knowledge from, or at least that was my assumption at the beginning. I was wrong, this was the single most eye opening activity I have done in school, and it definitely confirmed my major for me. I realized that teaching was without a doubt the job for me, despite any downsides to the job that I have been urged to believe. Like I said before I do believe had I not been enrolled here at UCBA then I wouldn’t have had this experience until well into my degree, where it would have been too late to turn back if I had…

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