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Education Assistant/Classroom Volunteer from September 2011 to Present, (6 hrs per week, 50 weeks, total 300 hrs) Burn Elm Public School, 85 Burnt Elm Dr, Brampton, ON, L7A 1T8 As an Education Assistant/Classroom Volunteer in a Grade 2 classroom for Mrs. Goraya, I supported with providing differentiated instruction in learning to accommodate various types of learners. I was able to consistently use various creative and effective classroom management techniques such as stoplight and visual timers to help students with exceptionalities. I learned about the different kinds of family dynamics that were present in the classroom, and how the primary educator focused on the importance of cultural diversity during discussions and activites. I further …show more content…
Moreover, it has transformed me into someone who is even more passionate about my career. My experiences have taught that I must work hard in order improve the daily lives of these children and adolescents. It is important for students to want to learn while having fun. Consequently, they will further learn about how to deal with different types obstacles they will encounter in their daily lives. An indescribable feeling is when I am able to help a student improve on their skills, and also better their …show more content…
However, I have also learned the importance of patience and persistence. Being an educator is not only defined by providing instruction, but to provide motivation and excitement. Being an educator means being a leader and a friend to those who need guidance. When I was in Grade 10, I was faced with the task of helping one of my closest friends improve on his English skills, and together we were able to go above and beyond his desired goal. This is what made me want to become a teacher. From then on, I have volunteered at schools, tutored students, and coached children in the sport I love most. Whenever I worked with students on their problems or goals, I learned from them about understanding real life situations that I have never encountered, and this will allow me to help another student with a similar situation in the future. Growing up, I was not as fortunate with receiving the guidance required to better my skills in school or in life. Something many do not realize is that school is an escape for some, and it is important for an educator to help their student in any way they can. I want to become something that I once believed was elusive: an educator that is passionate enough to put in the effort to guide his students to grow and strengthen all aspects of their

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