Reflective Reflection In The Classroom

This lesson was very fun and engaging for all students, but after using it there are a couple things I would change to improve the inclusiveness of the lesson. The first thing I would add if I were to do this lesson again would be to have an exemplar that I have constructed on Lego Builder to show the class. The reason I did not make an exemplar was due to time constraints, this created time delays for some students who had difficulty visualizing what they were making. When this happened I encouraged these students to walk around the room to check out what their peers were making. This helped them get started, but it could have been avoided if I had made an example to show the class before they started building. Another aspect I would have changed to facilitate inclusion in this lesson would be to have the lego already set out on the tables instead of having it in the back of the room for students to …show more content…
I would do this the next day or the next block. I would intertwine living skills and healthy decision making from the Health and Physical Education curriculum. For example I would have the class come up with problems that happen at school or in the school yard or among their friend and then in groups, students would come up with solutions to these problems. These solutions would not be inventions, but instead real life solutions that the students could apply everyday. Taking their enthusiasm and incorporating it into a very important part of the health curriculum could help students see the connection between problem solving and creativity and how they can apply it in their everyday life. Intertwining other curriculum into this lesson would highlight the multiple means of engagement for the students, by building on what they are already excited about to create new opportunities for

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