The Lusitania Disaster And 9 / 11 Attacks Essay

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For both the Lusitania disaster and 9/11 attacks, the historic phase came immediately. In the Lusitania disaster, help took several hours and unfortunately by then many had succumbed to hypothermia or drowning. Local fishermen helped recover bodies, find the unaccounted for and bodies were laid to rest in Queenstown following the disaster, with a memorial to commemorate the victims. Immediately after reports of the 9/11 attacks first responders raced to save as many people as possible from the towers and the pentagon. Heroic passengers on flight 93, unfortunately unable to save themselves risked their lives and subdued hijackers deterring the plane from crashing into another occupied landmark. The honeymoon phase also happened quite quickly for both incidents, the Lusitania disaster survivors were very low in comparison to those that perished, especially in regards to the United States citizens that survived. The United States, immediately band together to show solidarity, patriotism and the U.S stood up to Germany for the loss of its citizens. In the 9/11 attacks, similarly, patriotism and solidarity came almost immediately. American flags could be seen everywhere and the government vowed to hold those accountable responsible. The country was united against terrorism and came together to assist victims. The disillusionment phase came later in both disasters, as many victims struggled to recover from the trauma, whilst the rest of Americans moved on. In a survivors account…

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