Wounded Warrior Project Research Paper

Justin Dilks
Professor Duinink
LAS 110
1 October 2014
Wounded Warrior Project 9/11 was one of the most pivotal moments in U.S. history. History shows that when somebody threatens the liberty and freedom of the United States, the people come together. Historical events such as the Pearl Harbor and the Boston Massacre are examples of Americans coming together to defend what is rightfully theirs. 9/11 was one of these uniting moments in U.S. history. U.S. military enlistment increased drastically after the events of 9/11. People all across America were showing off their patriotism by hanging American flags from their houses and car antenna’s. Because of the events of 9/11 the Wounded Warrior project was born. Wounded Warrior Project provides
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Some veterans are raising concerns that Wounded Warrior Project may not being using all the money they earn to help the veterans. One veteran told The Daily Beast “They are such a big name within the veterans’ community, I don’t need to start a war in my own backyard.” However some veterans have anonymously spoken out against Wounded Warrior Project saying things like “the organization is great at raising money, but fails to actually help vets with said money.” The Tampa Bay Times recently reported that only 58% of 2012 donations were spent on veterans programs. The Daily Beast states that Wounded Warrior Project is serving more than 56,000 veterans, but less than two-thirds of veterans signed up have interacted with the program at …show more content…
They continue to grow in both funds and support each year. Wounded Warrior Project was first started in 2003. It was inspired by the pivotal moments of 9/11, one of the most unifying moments in our nation’s history. Wounded Warrior Project is dedicated to serving veterans that have suffered the tragedies of war. Through there many programs and excellent funding they continue to help veterans, day after day. The support that they have shown to both veterans and their families after only being around ten years is outstanding. The founders of Wounded Warrior Project recognized a major problem in the U.S. and took the initiative to solve it. The lack of support for veterans before 9/11 was unacceptable, soldiers make sacrifices every day for the common citizen. Wounded Warrior Project is committed to serving warriors who have suffered both the seen and unseen traumas of

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