The Legalization Of Homosexual Marriage Essay

1275 Words Sep 20th, 2016 6 Pages
The legalization of homosexual marriage in the United States was a huge victory for our LGBT community. However, this legal action did not mark the end of the fight because many in the LGBT community, namely people of transgender sexual orientations, still fight every day for acceptance in our society. Transsexuals have been under attack lately in our country. The state legislatures of four states, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Kansas, all have active anti-transgender bills in committee (National Center for Transgender Equality). Many other states have similar bills that have been inactivated already. Mississippi and North Carolina have already passed anti-transgender laws that allow discrimination against transgender people and same-sex couples based on their religious or moral beliefs (National Center for Transgender Equality). Transgender women have been attacked especially hard when trying to gain acceptance in our society. They are harassed by their colleagues, face discrimination by employers, and have a higher suicide rate than the rest of the population. Homeless transgender women are often denied access to homeless shelters or put with men because of their sexual orientation (Rooney, Durso, & Gruberg 2016). Transgender women should be considered women because it will allow them to become more accepted by our society. Transgender women are often wrongly classified with men because they were born with male genitalia and a Y chromosome. This is very insulting…

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