The Appeal Of Gay Marriage By Jib Fowles

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Throughout life ads influence you whether you are aware of it or not, they are everywhere throughout our daily lives, and some of these ads carry great weight behind them while appealing to their audiences. Gay marriage should be legalized because marriage inequality has had an adverse impact on one 's health & well-being; has fostered discrimination and hate crimes against gay couples, and prevented same-sex couples from sharing the same legal rights and benefits of traditional marriages according to the advertising appeals on the need for curiosity, affiliation, and prominence. Moving forward gay marriage should be legalized under the appeals from Jib Fowles based on the needs for curiosity, affiliation and prominence. Analyzing his advertising …show more content…
Everyday people feel the need to be able to affiliate with others or relate in some way shape or form. Fowles describes it as “All sorts of goods and services are sold by linking them to our unfulfilled desires to be in good company.” This appeal is used to appeal to those to have some sort of covalent bond so to speak, sharing something in common with the ad within its audience. In the image for the ad for this appeal is from Target as it portrays two males upon a white background holding hands heads gently rested together. Upon that in front of the two gentlemen finely portrayed in the middle are the words “Be yourself, together.” Bold in red lettering to grab the viewers’ attention. This ad implying that people should be able to be themselves no matter what and applying this appeal as many people long for the need to affiliate and be themselves around someone they love. A golden gem of this ad making it persuasive is the very imaging and wording behind it, jolting a viewer’s thoughts to how they could have something like that with someone in their mind perhaps. Fowles further points out by using Henry Murray, whom argues “According to Henry Murray, the need for affiliation consists of 24 desires "to draw near and enjoyably cooperate or reciprocate with another; to please and win affection of another; to adhere and remain …show more content…
The need for prominence described by Jib Fowles is what many people desire from one another and that is to be respected by others or even at times looked up upon or admired. In this case it is used by an ad my Kenneth Cole a well-known clothing and designer brand appealing to people who desire respect or admiration. In the image it depicts a black and white scheme with two male hands holding one another upon a plain background. To the left of the image sits a message to the reader “52% of Americans think same-sex marriages don’t deserve a good reception. Are you putting us on?” Signifying a subtle appeal to curiosity in a way yet mentioning same sex marriage not receiving a good reception by a majority. Implying to the reader how many see same sex marriage within the United States and how it illustrates to the reader they support it with “Are you putting us on?” It applies this appeal in a depictive manner via imagery and the statement and question it issues. Fowles states “These times, it appears, are not so egalitarian after all.” Bringing for the idea of equality that the ad advocates or implies through its message. This ad would be quite persuasive due to its nature, however only to a certain audience. Those who seek admiration or an egalitarian

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