The Legacy Of A Legacy Essay

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Leaving a Legacy Abraham Lincoln once said, “In the end, it 's not the years in your life that count. It 's the life in your years.” (Quotes) The quality of a person’s life can be determined by many different components. Some people define their lives on things such as wealth or materialistic items while others base theirs on the experiences they have gone through or the knowledge they have gained over time. The choices a person makes in life all eventually lead to what they are remembered for when their lives on Earth cease. Leaving behind your own personal legacy can be tied back to this quote considering it was basically saying that life is not about the length of time spent alive, but it is all about what you do in that time. I plan to leave a legacy that will hopefully be much different from others and stand out as its own. I base my life testament primarily off of the impacts I make on others during the time spent with them. My legacy can be broken down into three main areas that include my social, athletic, and professional realms. Even though other extents of my life can leave an impression on people, I feel the most I have contributed to my personal heirloom is categorized into these specific three. No matter what happens in my life I plan to continue to work on achieving the best possible outcome I can leave behind in every phase. My social experiences contribute to my legacy in a very influential way. Whether it is my interaction with…

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