Essay on The Lasik Eye Case

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MMA Case Study
Lasik Eye Surgery: A Consumer’s Dilemma
By Jayapriya JV and Josephine Gunze
Executive Summary
Myopia is a short-sighted disease which can only be treated by wearing of eye glass, contact lens and Lasik surgery. Linda, Carla and Gwen were friends affected by this disease, Carla’s sister found newspaper concerning Lasik eye surgery which was been treated in Canada with low cost compared to US. Carla and Gwen decided to do their treatment in Canada because it was cheaper than US. Linda wanted to do more research in order to make her decision to stay whether in US to do her Lasik eye surgery or to do it in Canada. Laser eye surgery is being examined by food and drug administration (FDA) had approved Lasik Eye surgery which
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The factors which affect a consumer in decision making:-
According to the case study of Lasik eye surgerythe consumer is affected by any social factors –with regards to reference group under membership group on primaryreference group the consumer decision making is being influence by her close friends and sister therefore Linda’s decision making will be influenced by Carla and the family optometrist and In secondary reference group her decision will be influence by Ron smith.
On family we find that both circumstance are being used in orientation Carla is being influenced to go for surgery because of Allison and her advertise. While in procreation Ron he chooses to make the surgery in us because it is near his family (wife and child).However in role and status- Linda takes Role in business woman and also as a patient so at the same time she wears different status in her decision making she will take look on risk factors and income perspective of it.
According to the case study of Lasik eye surgery the consumer is affected by personal factors which firstly we have to consider is age and life cycle stage. We take a look Linda she was wearing her glasses since she was 15 years old she used to like sports but she was not able to play games like swimming and skiing. Having glasses was a burden to her also as she is now 50 years old approaching to 55

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