How Does Lasik Build Body Homeostasis

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By taking Lasix, it is categorized as diuretic. The medication works by elevating the amount of water and salt in the blood which removes by the kidney. The adrenals are two small glands which sits on the top of the kidneys secrete important hormone, aldosterone. Aldosterone regulates the water level, but the water is extremely lost by taking Lasik; therefore, it cannot help body to recover hydrate. Lasik caused the decrease in blood volume causing dehydration. The blood pressure is affected due to the changes in blood volume within the cardiovascular system. The severe dehydration causes less blood for the heart to pump, thereby reducing cardiac output and blood pressure. Cardiac output is made up of two components, heart rate and stroke volume. Therefore, decreasing in cardiac output also causes the decreasing in the heart rate and also the stoke volume. Moreover, the dehydration …show more content…
Moreover, it causes the kidney to release more water in urine. Nausea, dizziness and lose consciousness are caused by consuming alcohol.
The high water temperatures can elevate the body temperature of the internal organs beyond safe limits. To maintain the body homeostasis, the thermoregulation mechanism which controlled by the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland could join in to lower the body temperature by opening the sweat glands or increasing the heat exchange. The opening of the sweat gland causes the water to lose more.
In conclusion, Mr. Underhill weighted more than Mrs. Underhill, so the amount of alcohol which was consumed by him did not have much effect on him. The first factor which caused his death was taking his medication, Lasix, which caused him to dehydrate before got into the hot tub. Moreover, the consuming of alcohol can somehow increase the side effect of. The second factor was the hot temperature of the hot tub which could cause him to more dehydrate, fainting or loses

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