The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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There are many pressing issues in the United States today. These vary from gun control, to same sex marriage, health care, and legalizing marijuana. Some think Americans should have privilege of direct democracy to vote on these issues, but would a national referendum be necessary for these issues? Depending on what you are talking about, I do believe a referendum would be necessary. For example, the United States government has run into some problems on whether or not gun control would be necessary. I do not believe it would be necessary to have gun control in the United States because even though you kill people with guns that still does not give the gun a mentality to kill people. Gun control has almost always been a problem in the United States but it never truly was a problem until the past few years when the government thought about taking guns away and keeping people from purchasing them. Of course people took this as a terrible idea, especially the people of the south. The people of the south are known as “hunters”. Yes, there is some hunting in the north but mainly in the south. Some people do believe that hunting is a bad thing but it is just something that has to be done because of over population. There are also people who kill animals for food because they have no other choice. In the aspect of using guns for hunting, it is not a good idea to maintain gun control. Another reason there should not be a national referendum on the control of guns is because…

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