Essay about The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

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International terrorism involves any violent acts toward human life that violate federal or state law with a minimum sentence of twenty five years with labor. ISIS, a new terrorist group that stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, mimicked the name Isis the Egyptian goddess and ruler of the underworld. The organization started their attacks on Syria and Iraq to gain territory and independence, but later on they pushed their forces to many foreign countries. The organization films, propaganda movies to spread their ideas and beliefs, which leads to citizens tortured and influenced to join. The world has developed many counter plans against ISIS, but the group’s progress has crushed some of the plans made by the world. World powers have combined their forces and grouped in different military bases to start the move back against ISIS. Destroying ISIS will foster peace and serenity, reduce war and death, and improve economic development The organization changes the meaning of the Quran, so it would agree with their actions. The group translated the Quran to a book that supports their believe and needs, after translating the new Quran ISIS feeds their members false information: “‘They see it as proof that God is on their side, that even as all these forces are arrayed against us, we are 'remaining and expanding, '’” ( Kirkpatrick, par. 10). Radical Islamic or jihads only believe in the religious duty of Muslims. While the duty of a Muslim might vary from cults of…

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