International Terrorism Case Study

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1. Why do some governments engage in international terrorism as a matter of policy? Discuss international environments that give rise to international state terrorism. Is government-sponsored international political violence ever justifiable?
International terrorism is engagements that consist of bullying we are bigger, stronger, and smarter than you, over the years it’s became their state policy. Terrorist living environment is different from one another a certain states more than other states. Government sponsored the international political violence should never be justifiable. The international state terrorism is past down from family to family with the beliefs and cultures within that state.

2. What are "terrorist proxies?" Explain
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Briefly describe Cold War terrorist-networking theory. Compare and contrast this understanding of terrorist networks with the growth of the Qaeda-like networks.
The United States and the Soviet Union there was a cold war rivalry both where superpowers showed a persistent arrogant international behavior toward one another. The Chinese and Soviet Union financed and arm the wars of the national liberation against the United States. The terrorist networks of al-Qaeda are little more complex and deliberate with their tactics. The growth of network of al-Qaeda is actually scary with the damage that 9/11 has done in a short period of time.

4. Discuss the feasibility of obtaining weapons of mass destruction by terrorists. Which weapons are more easily obtained? Which weapons are less easily obtained? How would they be obtained in the first place? Explain your answer.

The weapon I would consider a weapon of mass destruction by terrorist is explosives. There is several different ways to make up explosives for a terrorist attack. Explosive are easily obtained on the internet. At one time the suicide bomber was very popular terrorist event. The weapons of mass destruction can be obtained by criminal
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Briefly explain the significance of the attacks on September 11, 2001.
The 9/11 terrorist incident had open the eyes of America. It has changed how America protects the Homeland of the United States for forever in history. The terrorist had seen a weakness of America and exploits the structure integrity. Under former President Bush had created the Homeland Security to increase the infrastructure of the United States. This was a wakeup call for all citizen and government official that are very vulnerable within this country. The 9/11 has brought awareness about the danger and threats to this country and the advancement of technology has significantly been beneficial by the terrorist.
7. Briefly describe how the modern era of terrorism differs from past eras.
The technology has change from the past to the modern era. The communication plays a big part in in hidden cells. The terrorist is just not running to a structure or individual with a strap bomb to their chest. The modern era did consist of more of a technical approach in terrorism from the past eras. The past eras mostly have small supplies of explosives and weapons.

8. Is politically-motivated violence

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