Terrorism And Al-Qaida

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6.3 Terrorism and Al-Qaida
The terrorist organization Al Qaida was established in 1988 in Pakistan by Osama ben Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. The term al Qaida refers both to the physical base of the organization in Afghanistan and to the database to identify volunteers for jihad. Most of the Jihadist are all young men between the ages of 20 and 31. They are almost all from large siblings (cf. analyses of Dr. Rik Chopra for the Guardian, echoes 11/2015). And they were almost all raised in a relative absence of paternal authority if not parental. So it is children whose education has been partially flawed in this important process, which is the building of the future adult of life in society.
Terrorism has a long history but what makes current
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Compare and Contrast
What relationship does Islam have with terrorism that is currently rampant around the world? Since the attack of 11 September, this issue has often been one of the press and unleashed passionate and even hateful polemics. Some argue that terrorism is an aberration that has no relation to Islam as such; they are treated with blind people. Others believe that this religion is fundamentally violent; they are called Islamophobia.
The two camps sometimes refer to this or that verse of the Koran, hoping by this means to demonstrate the barbarity of Islam or its tolerant nature. But to do so is to forget that a religion can never be reduced to a founding book, since it is above all a millennial practice that has crystallized into a multitude of institutions and cultural forms.
Such a return to the founding texts to dig up the essence of a religion, Ali Harb refuses to practice it. According to this Lebanese writer and philosopher, a simple reading of the Koran shows that it says everything and its opposite. It would therefore be necessary to adopt a different approach, to approach Islam from another perspective: as a doctrine of salvation, that is, as a system of thought, which, like Christianity and Judaism, but also of the "religions" of the twentieth century, such as the Communism and Fascism, claims to hold the absolute
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It is one of its always present potential, a kind of virus housed within its cultural genes. As long as religion is based on the exclusion of the other, on the dualism of the believer and the ungodly, the faithful and the apostate, it is impossible to understand it differently. In Islam, violence is further enhanced by an additional dualism, that of purity and decontamination. This is the scandal of Islamic religious thought: the non-Muslim is a defiled, unclean; it is one of the vilest forms of symbolic violence. From there comes my assertion that there is no Muslim faithful to the dogmas and practices of his religion that is moderate or tolerant, unless he is hypocritical, ignorant of his doctrine or is ashamed of it. The most glaring example is the Sunni-Shia relationship. The opening of these two groups, one with respect to the other, has not been made, after centuries of conflict and hostility, through alleged values of moderation and tolerance that would be inherent in their doctrines, but because of their integration into The institutions of modern society: the school, the university, the economic market, the company ... And when everyone has regressed to his original doctrine, the conflict has erupted again, but in an even more cruel and destructive way, which makes me say that we are in the presence of two "religions" more hostile to one another than to

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