Reza Aslan's Views On Religion

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“Religion is just another language that some people use to explain the unexplainable.” Reza Aslan said. Religion has been a major factor in many of the worlds past and present issues, and will still continue to be in the future. Nowadays certain actions of certain religious believers, such as Muslims, are starting to have an effect on all people with different religions and no religions, including Muslims. Sadly enough, people are starting to generalise Islam as a mother of bad ideas based on the actions of people that may say that they are Muslims, but do not necessarily reflect the ideology of Islam. As a Muslim, I think that Islam or any other religion, does not promote peace or violence. But instead people of certain backgrounds
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But the point where Reza Aslan found as not strong is that religion is not the only factor that people use to do peaceful or religious actions. Nationalists, for example, may encounter in many actions that are viewed as violent by people from the same nation or from a different nation. At the end it all depends on how the individual feels about being peaceful and being violent. However, Reza Aslan agrees with how individuals’ actions against humanity, whether Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, must be condemned by all people no matter which religion they …show more content…
Yet the word Islam is translated from Arabic to English without changing the literal pronunciation of the word. But in Arabic, the word Islam itself means the submission to Allah. Not only that, Islam is derived from the word “salam”, which means purity and peace. This shows how much of a difference one word can make when trying to translate it from Arabic to English. In Sam Harris’ book “The End of Faith”, he describes verses from the Quran that support violence in the Islamic religion. But when he translates the verses and take them out of their context, the verses loses their whole meaning. For example, Lazely Hazelton, a “tourist” that read the Quran in four different translation books in addition to the 7th century Arabic, she talked about the infamous verse in the Quran that implies that Muslims should kill unbelievers of the religion. So based on the Quran, a Muslim is allowed to kill unbelievers, but only after a grace period is over, and only if unbelievers stop Muslims from going into the Ka’aba, the Holy Mosque in Mecca, and only if unbelievers attack Muslims first, and even then God is merciful and forgiveness is supreme, therefore better if Muslims do not attack unbelievers.

Sam Harris and Reza Aslan are both very educated professors. But the difference is that Sam Harris majored in philosophy and neuroscience and Reza Aslan majored in religions. So based

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