ISIS Case Study

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Intro (G)
The United States (US) should no longer support the various groups in the Iraq-Syria region who oppose Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Instead, those groups should deal with ISIS themselves. The history and violence of ISIS has been a prime example of why intervening in the conflict abroad will threaten security of the United States.
The rest of the introduction should summarize (or at least introduce) the key points of the rest of the piece.
Historical Background (M+Z)
Originating as a splinter group that pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda in 1999, it did not gain prominence until 2014, when it referred to itself as the Islamic State. Isis first considered itself to be the Islamic State of Iraq from the years of 2006 to 2013, but made tremendous strides in acquiring land, troops, money, and power due the instability in Syria after the outbreak of the civil war. Isis slowly began its rise in 2013 when it became the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. After establishing cells in Syria and beginning recruitment, it had its first major success when it freed 500 prisoners from Taji and Abu Ghraib. The prison raid in Abu Ghraib was especially alarming due to
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Afghanistan because nation-building sucks, and we shouldn 't try.
US efforts to defeat ISIS will only add fuel to the fire of their cause. (Walt)
ISIS wants the US to repeat its past intervention mistakes--Iraq and Afghanistan. (Walt)
“The region ISIS controls is made up of many different ethnic and religious groups. These groups have many competing historic interests. Also current interests. Rectifying all these would be too difficult. (B)
US intervention is unnecessary. (J)
Local powers must be forced to head the assault(Walt)
Anymore attempted ISIS expansion will be confronted with greater resistance from local powers

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