Rise Of Isis Essay

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How I would solve the ISIS problem
As show in FRONTLINE: The Rise of Isis, ISIS was a terrorist group that was barely nothing that grew up to be a big problem. They need now get as big as they did until they went to Syria. In 2011, The American troops left the country of Iraq after an 8-year war. They thought it was a good idea and also thought the Iraq could stand on there two feet again. I think that bringing the American troops out of Iraq was a bad idea, if they would have stayed longer maybe the ISIS group would have never gotten huge. A speaker in the video The Rise of Isis also thought it was a bad idea and that it would turn around and bite them. Some people say the ISIS people are not Muslim and that they are barely human beings. Al
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Because of grievance from those communities, ISIS was steady gaining members. I also think multiple countries could of joined ranks and easily stop ISIS. If USA, UK, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia Egypt and others, could of have joined, there would be no fighting chance for them. A multination force with a clear strategy could easily surround them and push them back to a small area where they would lose power until they would be forced to surrender. Many people join ISIS because of grievance; there are fighters from 82 countries in ISIS. ISIS then sent to suicide car bombers into Iraq second biggest city. ISIS gained 700 more members from the Iraq military. Mass killings were also shown by videos. This shows that ISIS were not going to stop and had no fear for anything. At this moment, they were not humans and they needed to be wiped out. This is ISIS problem was way bigger than Osama Bin Laden, but actions were still not made. This was the main problem in the ISIS problem, immense actions were never made. America started making there move when ISIS started threatening Americans advisors. This was a very selfish move but needed move from America. Later, ISIS showed videos of them killing innocent Americans. This is where

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