Should Us Troops To Stop Isis Essay

U.S. Troops to Stop ISIS There have been many debates on whether or not U.S. troops should be sent to stop Isis. It is important that Isis is stopped because they are terrorizing innocent people around the world. This topic is very controversial. This is because some people agree with troops being sent while others don 't. To those who agree are wanting more ground troops rather than just sending air strikes. The opposing side thinks that air strikes are the only thing that can possibly stop the terrorist group Isis. I am in favor of ground troops being sent. This is because I think they should be stopped once and for all. Isis is a terrorist group that is going around killing people for no reason. In many recent interviews people are saying that Isis will stop if we give them job opportunities. If this is the case then we should open up more jobs. Maybe then the terrorism will stop. If not it will be a never ending conflict around the world in several different countries. These are all of the reasons why we should send more troops to stop Isis from causing even more …show more content…
Recently in interviews there have been many different opinions, "Harmer pointed out that the United States has no ability of tracking how many internal recruits Isis is able to attract" (Mak, Youssef). This is a problem because we could either send too many or not enough troops to fight against Isis with. If we send too many we would kill almost all the foreigners very quickly. But if there are more foreigners than there are U.S. troops then we would be killed off and Isis would take over. People think they have found solutions to help stop Isis, "Guess what happens if we stop trying to kill Isis? They grow stronger and keep killing the infidels" (Riddle). There are many people that want to give foreigners jobs rather than go and fight them. If not the U.S. soldiers will continue to be

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