Argumentative Essay: Go To War

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Do we legitimately have to go to war?
Do we even have a chance to win this war?
The latest news on current events in our world would be that new terrorist group known as ISIL (ISIS) or as they call themselves “Islamic State”. They have become notorious in that last year or so. The United States believe we must go to war and “Degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL, through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy” (Whitehouse). I believe we should not deploy our troops, or our country into the middle of the Syria’s civil war. To begin, we just got out of a war with the Middle East. In the beginning if the terrorist group from Iraq never attacked us we would have never gone to this war. As an American we must fight for our country, since they attacked us on our soil, then it is our duty to retaliate and show them what we are made of. Before 9/11 happened, If George H W Bush was not inaugurated into office, and then this could have ended up differently, maybe. Supposedly the Al Qaeda where planning 9/11, 10 years before, whether it is true or no who knows. George Bush Sr. had animosity toward Iraq’s former president Saddam Hussein. When 9/11 occurred and the terrorist planes attacked the world trade center, that is when George W Bush Jr. sent our troops to defend
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If we did a lot of people would die, ISIS does not care, and they are not fighting for religion they are fighting just to fight because they think it is right. This essay is in some way of a bias argumentative essay because I tell from my own feelings on war. We do not need to go to war it would be crazy we cannot even fix our own country let alone any other country. We need to become like Russia and sit and just watch over the countries. I am not trying to be negative about this whole war issue because there will always be war, no matter who is in charge because that is just how the world works. We legitimately do not need to go to

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