Wage War With Isis Essay

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U.S. should wage war with isis because they recently killed 250 girls and many more innocent people all across the world. Also the United States should wage war with ISIS because they pose a threat to our nationś security. They have access to nuclear weapons, and they need to be stopped. Some people are arguing that ¨war isn 't always about creating something better. Sometimes it 's simply about ridding the world of terrorists who zealotry compels them to kill innocent¨. This statement is not accurate because if one side wants to be peaceful and other side wants full blown war there will be no agreement only more senseless killing of innocent people and their families. Some people believe that the U.S. should not go to war with ISIS. They believe this because the war will kill innocent people in their homes and destroy there nation 's economy. Another reason they believe we should not wage war with isis is because the war would be costly and could go the wrong way quickly they don 't want to make a bad decision and destroy families for something that 's simply not that meaningful of a threat this should not be the case because isis is destroying thousands of families overseas and right here in our own country by the internet. Isis is attracting countless number of teens attention on …show more content…
There should already have been a war declared and troops on the ground at least a year ago. French is our allies and we should respond to the attacks that have been going on in paris aggressively by declaring war on isis. We should have followed in french footsteps by declaring war on isis but we havent I dont want the attacks that are happening in paris have to occur over here in the United States in order for congress and president obama to declare war on isis if so many many lives will be at

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