The Is An Illness That Affects Students On The Final Year Of High School And College

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Senioritis is an illness that affects students in their final year of high school and college. It is what most describe as a decrease of motivation. “This general feeling of apathy and nonchalance towards school work is developed after years in class and hits high school seniors” (Ng.) Most seniors fall victim before graduation, maybe even right when the school year starts. Senioritis makes seniors feel anxious for the change to come. It makes them wish for the time of graduation to come faster. Senioritis is not an actually an illness.. It is a mythical mental state passed down to each year from the year before. Senioritis is not something you can go to the doctor and be diagnosed with; however that does not mean it is not a real feeling. It should not to be mistaken for students not wanting to learn. Many older individuals say that students are just lazy or no longer want to learn. This accusation is extremely wrong. Students are not lazy. They are going through a crippling feeling that they can’t get past to do their work. Students are brain dead from the repetitive thirteen years before their last. They yearn for something new and eventful.
Specific events can contribute to a student developing senioritis. A hostile school environment can encourage the lack of motivation. If fights and aggression between students, or even teachers, is occurring in the classroom, students are more likely to want to skip classes. It is harder for a student to focus when so much is going…

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