Importance Of Money Management

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We all know that seniors in high school usually don 't have their life plans figured out but there 's several things they neglect to realize. A few things that they don 't realize is they need to know is money/household management but that also includes time management, those are probably the three main things but another big thing to know would be goal setting.
I know for a fact that with money management im not perfect most high seniors aren’t. Dont get me wrong im pretty good at saving money but when it comes down to either paying bills or eating i don’t think i 'll do very well. The key thing to know with money management is to budget your money towards things that you need first and things that you want next. I have always tried to budget
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This skill i wouldn 't say i have mastered id say im decent at it because in certain situations i usually just go blank and just stop thinking altogether. I definitely need to work on my critical thinking skills before i graduate because if i not ill won 't be able to achieve the goals i have set for my life. Critical thinking helps when you are in sticky situations because if you 're good at thinking quickly and strategically you can pretty well work through any problem you have in life. In any career that you go into you will have to do some critical thinking which means if you can 't manage to do it then you 'll most likely not be able to exceed at the career of your choice. To do some critical thinking you may have to have the help of your friends or coworkers which requires being able to communicate very well or at least …show more content…
I 'm usually a very non spoken person i very rarely speak my opinion but if i 'm in a familiar environment with people i know pretty well or at least moderately well then im a very outspoken person. In such an environment i 'm not afraid to speak my opinion so when it comes down to work once i learn most of my co workers then i should do pretty decent and no have many problems but when i first starting out in a career i may not be able to do so well. Communication is something i must work on before i graduate which i work on it everyday with trying to meet new people and i try to make new friends. If you 're pretty well at communication then that would mean that you 're pretty well at global thinking which is something everyone should know how to do since it basically is what occurs every second of your everyday

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