The Iom Report Future of Nursing Essay

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Associates VS. Baccalaureate Nursing

Candace Flynn
Grand Canyon University

August 3,

It should be mandatory for nurses to practice with a baccalaureate degree .For decades there has been a long standing argument about way nursing is practiced among the different entry level positions . .I have always had the attitude the four year degree was unnecessary .My mind has changed .

To understand the present we must always examine the past . I graduated nursing school in 2003 It was the midst of the nursing shortage .I had every prestigious hospital in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas just about begging for my employment . It was a great time in nursing history for new grads . I had one hospital offer me 25,000 dollars
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According to the ANA the definition of nursing is the protection ,promotion .and optimization of heath and abilities ,prevention of illness and injury ,alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response and advocacy in the care of individuals ,families ,communities and population .(ANA) .If you would have asked me what nursing was then ,I would have not replied so articulately .i thought of it more like a job that helps people and a safety net for the patient . In essence a job to make sure the doctors didn’t forget to order tests or plans for the patient.

In 2008 the stock markets plummeted .It took a toll on the world economy including the United States . people were losing their jobs by the droves .The baby boomers that were predicted to retire could not

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