Objectification Of Women In Mass Media

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Mass media is a powerful element as it creates a huge influence on the population in various techniques. For instance, advertising can subconsciously impact a person’s life rapidly, and they are avoidable as they appear on television, magazines, newspapers, buses and in buildings. An advert aims at achieving a certain objective in a product over another as it demonstrates how a direct association with a product expresses an individual’s worth. Therefore, media is essential in determining various human features, for instance, dreams, fears, identities, ambitions, and hope. It has an influence on everybody because it is extensive and so fast hence its perception culture towards women is misinterpreted. The culture of the United States contains …show more content…
The presentation by the media may lead to the misinterpretation that women are sluts due to the actions demonstrated in the advertisement. The objectification of women body indicates that their bodies are full of problems which always require fixing from a product. Furthermore, the media uses a product to identify it with the woman’s body which shows the character of objectification. In most advertisements and media sources, women are not vocal as their identification is through physical presence. Therefore, it is challenging for the society to identify the worth and real life experience which shows that they are not valued. As a result, women shy away from expressing themselves verbally as they are used to the culture of physical appearance and not speech. For instance, advertisements demonstrating nonverbal skills constitutes of women who block their mouths using their hands. According to the media myth, the value of a woman is as a result of her slim body size and limited speech. It shows that the media is against freedom of speech when it comes to women as they do not support them talking as indicated in the research findings. The media, therefore, influences a majority of the woman population to have low self-esteem and lack of confidence. In return they are exposed to risks such as sexual harassment, for instance, the comparison of the victims is to ugliness and low self-esteem. The act of taking advantage of the women considered shameful because they lack the beauty qualities is known as female disposability (Berger,

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