Examples Of Objectification Of Women In The Media

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The Objectification Stereotyping of Females in the Media Females repeatedly continue to endure dehumanization in mass media. Objectifications of females occur around advertisements, commercials, magazines, newspapers, along with the radio. Females materialize in pieces in the media, the breasts, hips, or lips. The females observed are broken-down, not complete, and fragmented. Exactly how will any female live up to the images that are perceived as being a real woman? I will determine the methods and behaviors of objectification stereotyping of a female. This paper argues how harmful the displaying of females is in relation to the media in objectification stereotyping.
After viewing females in the media through objectification, females
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If she is blond, called a ditz, or otherwise objectified for her appearance can all lead to stereotyping. Name-calling is to denigrate, and stereotypical of inflection. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me is a complete and total fallacy. Cases of men in the office watching commercials, movies, or pornography have led men to objectify women. Afterwards, sexual harassment succeeds the objectification of women in the media. Gazing inappropriately at body parts, inappropriate comments, and sexual harassment may well produce a psychological detriment. Women would be muzzled by these experiences, often afraid to speak up; fear and anxiety diffuse within. When the environment becomes hostile, rape affects the female physically and psychologically. The circumstances may well lead to her losing a substantially needed career. Females in this environment would suffer economically, financially, and emotionally. What an unjustifiable punishment to pay for objectification of a female in the …show more content…
This places the female at a disadvantage in everyday life. Their characteristics and roles are considered essential to the world. Therefore, why do we have the deep-rooted objectification that has taken place? Objectification revolves around the media, and the male controlled world. Females discard their personal qualities in exchange for what society has trained them a woman must be. As females adapt to, and meet these beliefs of what a man wants, as a result, they only continue to encourage the behavior of the media. Hence, this only forms a self-defeating, and cruel cycle of self-objectification. My hope as a society, is that we will work diligently to set specific rules, and regulations prohibiting the media from ripping apart the individualism of females in objectification stereotyping. Likewise, all these problems should be addressed on the home front, therefore, young females may have a chance at a normal life, with a healthy emotional outlook. Consequently, I admire men who respect women, and instill these beliefs in them. We all need to value a female with having innate societal qualities, unambiguously unique and indispensable to the world around

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