Objectification Of Women: Film Analysis

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The objectification of women has affected both women as a whole and minorities, specifically black women. Women are misrepresented and exploited in addition to having to deal with having their sexualities challenged daily. It is an unfair trial to have to persevere through as it is a challenge they did not choose. Bringing attention to the issue of female objectification is relevant because it is still something women suffer from today and one can argue that it is a growing issue in society. It combines both disputed and human rights. Both women as a whole and black women constantly have their sexuality challenged and objectified. Women as a whole and black women both are treated differently in almost every aspect of society and thus a human …show more content…
There have been a few mainstream films whose protagonist is a transgender man but have starred cisgender females. The depiction of transgender men is important but the issue has arisen concerning whether or not it is appropriate for the films to star cisgender women. Some argue that is is a positive since it prevents transgender men from going through the trauma of having to return to pretending to identify as a gender they are not. One effective compromise includes using either a body double or a twin. This method is used in the show Orange is the New Black (2013). Laverne Cox is a transgender actress and her character has flashbacks pertaining to her as a male in which her twin brother portrays. One can conclude that the real issue is whether or not Hollywood has given transgender actors the chance to portray both genders or if cisgender actors are being cast …show more content…
A current, pressing issue is fight to be unassociated with drag queens. Reality television absolutely loves shows about drag queens. A popular reality show starring drag queens is RuPaul’s Drag Race (2009). Since it included men dressing as women, viewers began interchangeably using the terms drag queen and transgender woman. This ignorance angered the transgender community as the two are completely different. RuPaul would also use derogatory language such as “shemale” and “tranny” which offended the transgender community as well. The show being so mainstream caused a bigger rift between drag queens and transgender women. Drag queens are revered while a common transgender women needs to be glamorized to be “good enough” by the industry’s

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