Abortion Vs Pro Life

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What is abortion? In plain terms, it is the deliberate termination during pregnancy. Primarily before the first 28 weeks. In today’s society, abortion is a trending topic and can lead to indecisive decisions as to whether or not abortion is a viable option. Some people ask “Why would you want to terminate your child?”. The reasons for this are heavily debated on because of both moral and religious reasons. The problem with this is that people have different views religiously and morally. Generally there are two different views on abortion. Pro life, which tends to be the more conservative view, which says that abortions should not be legal. The other view is Pro choice, which says that the carrier of the child has the choice on whether or …show more content…
The mother's life and the child's life. Both sides on the subject try and “protect” both. The pro-choice side says that it is better to abort the unborn child then have it enter the world unwanted, abused, and neglected. Examples of this would be a child’s addiction to drugs straight after birth or alcohol, a child being born with deformities that were caused by teratogens that entered the mother's body while the embryo is trying to develop into a fetus. The argument against this is that an abortion doesn’t only terminate the unborn babies life, but it can also have effects on the mother’s life as well. It doubles the risk of ectopic pregnancy and can lead to higher risk of other diseases. The point behind this argument is that it risks both of them dying or being injured. It is often a big point to make that it is the mother's fault for getting pregnant and that they should have to deal with the consequences, because they didn’t use birth control or protection of any sort to keep pregnancy from happening. However, not all of the pregnancies are the mothers fault. There are cases where the mother did in fact try to use prevention techniques, but it still happens, or the fact that they have been raped. This is where the third party, or centurist idea comes into play. This is when they say that abortion should not be legal “unless” there are circumstances where the baby is ill, it's a rape baby, or the mother surely cannot possibly take care of the child. Now there are many different facts about abortion. As of 2011 abortion rates have dropped significantly. 60% of women having abortions are in their 20's and younger. 59% of women had a child already. 86% were unmarried. There was no racial or ethnic group that made up the majority of the abortions. In fact, 39% were white, 28% were black, 25% were hispanic, and 9% were of other ethnicities. (Guttemacher Institute,

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