The Importance Of Writing In Writing

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Growing up, I used to hate writing with a deep passion. Fortunately, I understood the necessity of it, so I made sure in high school to take classes that would challenge my writing abilities. Not long after that, I found myself deciding that I would pursue a career as a photojournalist, and would be writing every day I worked while in the Marine Corps. I came into this course with a strong understanding of journalism-style writing and reporting. Now that I have taken this course, I have a more well-rounded understanding of other important essay styles.

While in training to become a journalist, I spent seven months learning a cookie-cutter method of newspaper writing and broadcast script writing. I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan immediately
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I was thankful that these assignments required a more professional style, and found the most difficulty in effective content creation than the presentation of content. The hardest part of WA2, my comparison of cardiovascular exercise versus weightlifting, was choosing a thesis that was more research-supported than opinion based. My personal experiences in this topic have proven that for my body specifically, I lose more weight when running - something I cannot stand doing. My bias makes me want to believe that weightlifting is the best method, because it is one of my favorite hobbies. So when writing about it, I got easily annoyed with having to attribute successful weight loss to doing cardio exercises. The research process proved similar to my own biases, because despite the wide range of accurate studies, many popular magazines and internet resources also include their biases towards this exact subject. This made it difficult for me to take that content and interpret it in support of my own …show more content…
The thesis statement exercises are something I found the most valuable. I understood that a thesis statement is essentially the same as a lead sentence in journalism, however, I had a hard time constructing a thesis. In journalism, it is as easy as knowing who did what, when they did it and where. It is a cookie-cutter sentence every time. I learned that a thesis is not at all a cookie-cutter sentence, because the presentation of it depends on the essay

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