The Importance Of Writing And Its Effects On American Education

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Through out most people 's primary American education, writing has become an extremely begrudging task. I can personally attest to that felling, teachers hold a lot of power, they can either make it easy for students to fall in love with a subject, or ruin it for them forever. In my writing experience I have had my fair share of teachers doing the latter. From writing dozens "mementos" for my senior memory book, to writing dry papers for standardized state tests year after year, it 's easy to see why writing can leave a sour taste in many people 's mouths.
In Texas, children take their first standardized tests in third grade. We spend all year preparing as if our entire self worth hinged on whether or not we got commended on a two paged paper over "what kind of adventure would you take if you built a futuristic scooter" (that was an actual prompt one year). Preparing for such a long time left little room for students to experience the fun and actually enjoy becoming better writers.
Consequently, these standardized test have attributed to why students, even college students, still struggle with writing even simple papers. We were trained into thinking that you need to write as fast as you can and as much as you can, in order to receive the best score possible. This instilled in us the idea that you could forget about punctuation, basic sentence structure, and make common grammatical mistakes. This careless thinking lead to discomfort in students as they progressed to the…

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