The Physician Assistant: A Case Study

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The Physician Assistant (PA) profession has been around since World War II, and is a highly sought out career option for individuals who want to study human medicine in modern America. This is mainly because the amount of school required is only six to seven years, which is less than many higher level medical professionals. A PA has a similar job function to that of a normal physician except that they are under supervision of an M.D. According to Humphrey Hodgson, author of “A New Kid on the Block,” a physician assistant “works to the medical model, with the attitudes, skills and knowledge base to deliver holistic care and treatment within general medical and/or general practice team under defined levels of supervision” (Hodgson). Hodgson’s …show more content…
They cited the findings from a study in Toledo, Ohio, hospitals where a patient was transferred from a resident trauma team to a PA assisted Trauma team during admittance into the hospital. This study found “the only significant outcome was a decreased length of stay (LOS) in the hospital…. Substitution of PAs for residents had no effect on patient mortality” (Hooker, et al.). The point of the study is that researchers proved the patients were not harmed and quality of care was the same. This further proves the main overarching question researchers have because physician assistants did as good of a job as the physicians (residents) and even had the patient cured in less …show more content…
They also can answer questions by stating proven facts from data they have collected. The type of data collected can include the following: surveys from patients, medical records, and analyzing of the state laws. It is crucial to collect data because researchers can see how the problem is affecting patients and the steps or measures taken to implement a solution. For example, medical researchers can answer the question of if the regulations are the same for PA’s and physicians by looking at data collected from analyzing state laws. As Jennifer L Wiler and Adit A. Ginde, experienced medical researchers state, “Like medical school education, PA education is broad and general in scope” (Wiler and Ginde). This is important because they were able to read an article on state laws and agree that PA’s skills are up to higher medical professional standards. Physician assistants are required to learn as much knowledge as possible in order to treat patients.
After collecting data, researchers must cite their sources from which the data came from. This shows beyond a doubt that the facts given are credible if the sources were scholarly. By citing, readers of the research trust the authors more, and the readers are able to take information from the article to enhance their own knowledge. Other researchers can also look at the article and the information cited in order to find more information on the same medical

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