Write An Essay About How To Be Successful In High School

In life, there are many challenges we face every day of our lives. We have a choice to be successful in these challenges, or we can let the challenges defeat us. One of the most recent challenges I have arisen to is my education. As an incoming freshman to college, our entire lives change and it can sometimes be hard to know which way to go. My most recent educational experience was my senior year of high school and I was successful and challenged in many different aspects. High school was four short years of habit making. Coming in as a freshman was tough, but you quickly learn ways to be successful that you can carry with you throughout your career. One of the first habits I developed was time management. This is essential to attain good …show more content…
In order to be successful, I need to continue doing the things that I know will help me be successful in every aspect of life. I need to continue managing my time well, both in school and in my everyday life. Keeping a planner with me, or even on my mobile device will ensure I am on time to everything, and get all my work done. Also, I will need to continue to be a smart decision maker. This includes knowing when to go out and socialize with my friends, or when its time to sit down for a couple hours to get work done. This can sometimes be a very hard concept for students, but it is essential in making sure you get a good education, while also living a good life. In order to be successful in college, and life beyond college, I know I 'm going to have to make some changes in my habits. While I may not have homework every single night, I know I 'm going to have something that I can get a head start on, weather it be an essay, or a chapter reading. By getting ahead, I will not be procrastinating and it will give me extra time to make sure my work is right, and done to the best of my ability. Also, a change in my mental awareness and feelings of becoming motivated will help me be a successful student and enjoy my time on

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