Gender Stereotypes: A Case Study

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people. Third, the images should be the children and the adults that are representative of all cultural groups in the community of children. Fourth, the images should reflect the gender roles diversity considering the body types and the abilities. Last, the images should include the ideas that counter stereotypes. According to Miller 2016, before deciding which materials to include in the early childhood development programs, it is important to display advertently pictures, objects, or books that reinforce the common stereotypes. For example, it is wrong for a teacher to select an image that shows a Mexican male in a sombrero taking a siesta, rather he or she should choose an image that shows a Mexican male physician. A sensitive teacher shows …show more content…
For the professionals to succeed in their endeavors, they have to commit to equity, which recognizes that all children can succeed despite the various barriers(Sanders & Downer, 2012).
Wardle argue that equality and diversity approaches would involve the creation of a childcare setting that makes the children feel a sense of belonging. Early care practitioners listen and observe the children’s play and the child-adult interaction recognize any bias of discrimination and develop ways to deal with discriminatory issues. All the settings come into play: how the staff relates to the minority and the majority, how the children relate to each other, the discussions and the activities that take place and the language used (Sanders & Downer, 2012). The anti-bias approach helps adults looking after the kids to change and reflect on the differences between the children. It also complements the existing programs that help people to appreciate diversity and to view the challenges positively. The approach develops four goals for children and adults that address a specific area of growth, and interacts and builds upon each
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He says that a welcoming classroom that eradicates all the common stereotypes should be colorful, clean, safe, and bright and it should include the children’s books, artwork, toys, dolls, musical instruments, magazines, and pictures that show diversity. On the other hand, Sander bases his idea on providing anti-bias materials that image the variety of cultural groups. He only indicates that a culturally biased learning environment could lead to inequality among children. Just as Miller did, he would have included that stereotypes are not only culturally-based but could also be gender-based or

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