John Chrysostom

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Service has always been an essential part of the Christian faith. Jesus himself served others by spreading the word of salvation and showing kindness to those around him. Essentially, to those that were thought less of, tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers and anyone else not fully accepted into society. This is stated in Mark 10:45, “for even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many” (NIV). Therefore, it is only right for the followers of Christ to follow in his footsteps and serve those in need. This is one of several reasons why service is a vital part of being a Christian. However, a distinction must be made between an important part of life as a Christian and service being a way to get …show more content…
A preacher that taught love and service all his life, his philosophy was that “as we love and serve one another, especially the poor we grow in the image and likeness of Christ” (Nassif 11). Chrysostom continued to preach this idea as a monk, priest, and finally a homeless prisoner, throughout his life and the different positions he held, he never wavered in his beliefs. Even at his death his final words were “glory be to God for all things” (Nassif 12). In addition, Chrysostom believed that although the meeting of the church for singing and praising the Lord was important, it was not the only way to worship God. In fact, he found serving the poor to be a better form of worship all together, “no person can grow in godliness unless he serves his brethren. It is not enough to worship at the altars of the church. The true alters are the physical bodies of real men and women” (Nassif 13). Along with this idea, is that a person cannot grow closer to God without serving others, which is valid, how can a person become closer to God without doing what He has called his people to do? Loving others is to serve God and serving others is to love …show more content…
Although it is not necessary to do good work, it is necessary to love others as Jesus would. The best way to love people is to serve them, through any means. God has called His people to act as Jesus would, every person has their own calling specific to them as to what they excel at in life. Nevertheless, God made his people loving and hopeful and kind and it is the job of Christians to follow this path, as many have done in the past, to love and serve. Not for their own benefit, but to serve their God, though kindness and

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