The Importance Of Pedagogical Content Knowledge

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As a teacher Pedagogical content knowledge is very important. This means the way we teach our subject and the beliefs we have about it. This content knowledge is a very broad idea of teaching and as a pre-service teacher it is important to look at all different theories and facts surrounded by teaching and how students learn. Knowing and understanding these impacts builds upon our personal theory of teaching. Through this essay I will discuss the points I have been introduced too over the past 6 weeks and what ones have had the biggest impact on me. I will unpack these points and I will explain possible ways that they can be implemented in my classroom through wider research and personal experience.
Part One
Generation Z
Generation Z are children
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Research suggests that through this time their brain goes through a major restructuring phase which can impact both their learning and behaviour. Teachers knowing this information assists them when planning lessons but also to respond to students in particular ways in a variety of situations.
There are many factors within the classroom that can de-motivate students. Extrinsic rewards, stress, homework and high stakes testing encourages this idea of de-motivation. If students don’t see relevance to their work, they will often feel that there is no need to complete it. Students need to see value or a main goal in their work so they become motivated.
Expectancy-value Theory
The Expectancy-value theory contains two constructs, task related and competence related. When a child is asked to complete a task two questions are raised, why should I do this task? And am I able to do this task? There are certain values that this particular theory raises, like Importance, Intrinsic and Extrinsic value.
SMCK (Subject-matter content
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We need to not only understand our subject but also need to understand students and how they learn. I hope to still gain wider knowledge and ideas of teaching throughout my course. If I can do this, then I believe that I can be the best teacher I can be and encourage my students to want to be their best throughout their learning. My past experiences have helped me to know what type of teacher I want to be and wider research has supported and influenced my ideas. As a teacher I want to promote learning and make the students as interested as possible and my understanding of all the above points will help me develop this

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