The Importance Of Patient Teaching For Nursing Practice Essay

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Discovering The Importance Of Patient Teaching In My Nursing Practice
During this two years and a half in my nursing program, I have learned the importance and impact that patient teaching can have in patients and nurses. Throughout my interaction with patients during clinical rotations, I have put in practice the skills I have acquired in the classroom towards an effective interaction with patients. During this practicum, there were two special moments in which I had the opportunity to make a difference in a patient’s life.
The first experience occurred at the beginning of practicum while I was giving medication to this particular patient. After I finished with her meds, we started to have a conversation about her medical condition and it was there when I realized that this patient was in need of some teaching. She was explaining to me that she has been having seizures all her life and always wondering why she feels this metal taste in her mouth every time she is going to have one. I immediately realized that this patient did not know what an Aura was. Although she has been living with this condition her whole life, apparently she has never received information about things that can let her know she is about to start seizing. As soon as I finished assessing her knowledge on the condition, I started to provide teaching about recognizing an Aura and ways for her to prevent injuries to herself. I explained to her the importance of having a safe environment when a seizure is…

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