The Importance Of Parents Should Spank Their Children

Back in the 1900s and even the early 2000s spanking was a common practice among parents, but now? Now, parents who have the courage to spank their kids are a dying breed who are almost extinct. Parents should spank their children because, kids who are not spanked are usually undisciplined, and soft people, most kids also end up spoiled and cocky, and never learn to respect authority.
If a parent's does not spank their child they are making them soft and passive. Parents today think that being soft and passive is the only way to live. Parents try to shield their kids from pain, instead of accepting that pain is a part of life and all humans experience it. Then when the kid experiences pain either when they are an adult, or from something
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When a child doesn’t get spanked or disciplined they begin to believe they are always right and they can do nothing wrong. Then they start to act cocky and arrogant around their friends, then their friends start to not want to hang around them and they start losing friends and end up not having any social life. “It seems to have led to a sense of entitlement in today’s youth”(themonastary). Kids today think they deserve the world and then when they do not get it, they throw a fit until their parents either give it to them, or their parents discipline them. Imagine that you are a parent on Christmas morning, there is a fresh snowfall on the ground. You have gotten your kids everything they asked for for Christmas, you can not wait to see their smiling faces as they rip open the wrapping paper. Now they come down the stairs with a big grin on their face they race straight to the tree and begin opening the presents. It only takes them a second and they grab the gift, and take it out of the box, you wait to hear the scream or wait for their jaw to drop on the floor. Then you hear it “But mommy I don't want this, why did you get me this?” “I hate it!” Now I am not a parent but I can assume that that hurts parents like kids would not believe. Why do the kids act like that? Because their parents were never strict with them and never spanked them, so the kids got big heads and started to think they deserved the …show more content…
When you are not strict with your kids and let them walk all over you, they never learn to respect authority and they should respect their peers. Parents these days are way too nice to their kids and give them way too much leeway. I am not saying that parents should be dictators to their kids, you can still love your kid and be nice to them without babying them too much. “They expect to be treated in a certain way, and believe themselves to be infallible”(themonastary). Kids start to smack talk their parents, teachers, coaches, and peers when you do not show them that if someone is bigger, older, and of higher authority than you then they get to boss you around. People say that nobody should boss anyone around and everyone should be nice to each other. I’m sorry but, that just is not how the world works and it never was. People are always going to be mean to each other and people are gonna boss others around, kids need to learn that. Some arguments against this are, spanking kids can hurt them emotionally, when you are hit by someone it can sometimes leave a mark that does not heal. Another would be spanking kids can hurt them physically and make them resent their parents. The last one is, spanking teaches kids that it is ok to hit people (Positive Discipline for Preschoolers). The last thing we need is more violent people running

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