The Importance Of My Life

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We needed a place to live as soon as possible. Luckily a farmer in town let us come live in his vacant farm house if we were willing to fix it up ourselves and pay rent. My mother was all for it. We spent several days over there before we moved in painting walls, floors, and ceilings. I remember going to school with paint on my fingernails and in my hair. We scrubbed windows I thought would never come clean. By the time we moved in, we had a brand new home!
We still didn 't have money in this home. Our mom became a substitute school teacher and finances were tight. I remember on more occasions than I can count, eating grilled onions for snacks because we were so hungry and there was nothing to eat. We must have been given onions by local farmers
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She is trying to call the police to get them to come and get her and her sisters away from her stepdad.
As crazy as my life was, I can see now how young and innocent I was because I still had dolls and played with my sisters. I even still had my own and did this often. I would escape to another world. I just loved to pretend they were my real babies. Along with dolls we had another childish game I was controlling over. I had a Library in my Room. I made my sisters check out books and return them. I did it just as if I were a librarian. I don’t even know what all books we had or where we got them but any book I found I placed in my library.
My dad and Ashley had three or four opportunities to come, and visit us while we lived there. I always liked it better when it was just my dad because Ashley was rude to me, and she only liked my sister Mia. She was the third child in our family. Everyone loved her. I do too, but everyone always commented on how much they love her the most. I tried so hard to get Ashley to accept me but no matter what I did I dug myself deeper and deeper into her well of dislike. One time she even had a talk with me about growing up, and the likely hood that I will marry a child molester. ? Who tells a young thirteen year old girl

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