Personal Narrative: My Life In Puerto Rico

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When I think back on my childhood I see myself in Puerto Rico running around barefoot causing mayhem. A small part of my childhood was spent in Puerto Rico I barely remember much but I do remember when my mother went to enroll me in preschool. It was a small preschool in the mountains of Puerto Rico, it was where my sister had been enrolled and my mother wanted me to follow her footsteps. That was where I got my first book. The teacher made me promise to go to her school in return she gave me a book. A children's book, the ones with the gold spine Winnie The Pooh to be exact. I remember looking at it in amazement and in awe. I dint know how to read but the book seemed to pull me in with curiosity. I didn't realize that it would be the start of my adventure with reading.

On August 23 2003 I broke the teachers promise. I moved to the United States, my family was looking for a way to get away from family issues in Puerto Rico. It changed our lives forever, life here was
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I thought I was better than that. I was still suffering from depression but my social anxiety lowered a lot. I had friends and I seemed to have gained confidence from the lack of bullying. This was the year in which I really took a thought on my education I noticed my love for school and I really took a hard thought about college. I noticed that I wanted to be a teacher but I also wanted a psychology degree, I want to help kids who suffered with things I suffered with. I still don't know which to pick I would love to teach literature but I want to help kids who are dying to reach out like I was. Tenth grade was still difficult for me but I decided that I do matter and that I can achieve the things I have been dreaming to achieve as a child. This year I'm behind on my math and in my science but I can still achieve the straight A's and B's i have been dreaming for

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